Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brant's first fish, big guns and fun!

We had such a relaxing time in Okeechobee, but couldn't resist these photo ops!

Big brother and little brother

"Mooooooom, Brantley's giving me bunny ears!"
 We did a bit of fishing off the dock.

Holding the bait

Casting help from Daddy

Brant decided to sit down for a bit, Daddy reminded him to keep two hands on Pop Pop's pole!

Brant caught his first fish!

We were being watched....

And before we left that evening...Brant caught his second fish!
 We took a stroll downtown to a few of the shops and the new chocolate/coffee shop. Brant had been itching to explore the memorial park there.

Before we left, Brant ran to each gun and "activated" them all to protect Okeechobee from invading battle droids.

Another to do for us was to get out our kite and try and get it up.  Well, that wasn't a problem, as a matter of fact, it was too windy!  The gusts coming off of Lake Okeechobee almost ripped it from Daddy's hands.  So we opted to reel it in and go try and reel in some more fish!

Daddy caught one on his first cast!

And Mommy caught her first fish too!  And second, even though there's no photo.
Where's Henry?  Having some Mom Mom time

And this time, that bird stalked us from our own dock!

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