Saturday, April 14, 2012

Legoland fun!

After arriving in Winter Haven the night before, in time for a swim and dip in the hot tub, we turned in early for the next day we headed to Legoland!

Crazy! It was all Legos!

The Lego dino sprayed when you walked by

Mommy and Brant hit the first ride, the fire trucks that went up and down.  We had to shoot the water guns to put out the fire

We headed into the Lego Kingdoms. Brant and Daddy rode the dragon  roller coaster!

And played in the Forestmen's Hideout,  with ropes, slides and lots of climbing adventure


Got him!
 We headed into Land of Adventure, and rode through the Lost Kingdom Adventure (think Buzz Lightyear's ride at Disney, but with Egyptian Legos!)

After lunch, Daddy and Brant took a safari ride!

Lego City held boat school, driving school and flying school (a coaster Brant wasn't interested in!)

But the boats sure were fun!  Brant did most of the driving
 Brant had to go to the 5 year old cars, but could easily have gone up to the 6-12 ride.  It was still fun to drive these Lego cars around the race track

Rescue academy was next!  Daddy and Brant loaded up in the fire truck, and had to pump their way down the track, racing 3 other hand pumped vehicles.  Once there they had to pump and spray water on the burning building, then race back! 

Next we headed over to MiniLand!
 Cape Canaveral was a fun thing to see!

 And the added surprise to see the fort from St. Augustine that we had just toured!

And Flagler Memorial Church!
We just about wore ourselves out with all the fun, and after a bit of shopping in the gift shops, we headed back to the hotel to swim.  We had to head home the next day, but not without one more stop!

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