Saturday, April 28, 2012

Daddy and Brant have a special time with Henry

I can't help but realize that with the start of May, my time on maternity leave is dwindling.  I can't complain though, as I only go back for one week with the students and three workdays the following week.  Then, SUMMERTIME!!   We had several deciding factors for me going back that short time, and through prayer and decisions Brant and I have made for our family, this is the best.  

Anyhoo, I was a little nervous about how well Henry would take a bottle, being breastfed, and really not liking a pacy.  As a matter of fact, when he can get his thumb, he's the most happy!  So, I pumped a bit for Daddy to give him a bottle.  And, just like the rest of his 7 weeks, Henry proved to be an adaptable, easy going baby and drank the bottle like a champ!  Daddy really, really liked being able to feed him too.  

So we told little Brant that Henry had taken a bottle really well, and since Brant didn't get to see him take the first one, I pumped again and Brant gave him a bottle this afternoon!

Melt my heart!

What's going through Henry's mind here? "Mom, stop already with the pictures!"

Brant stuck with most of the bottle, but got antsy towards the end, so Daddy stepped in to take over.

Sigh, I love my boys!