Sunday, May 20, 2012

The beginning of Brant's birthday week

Around here, we like to stretch out birthdays.  I guess it comes from the fact that, with only Grandma around, presents and cards come in the mail for days before and after the actual day.   Of course, those 5 years when a birthday is on a weekday lends itself to stretching out as well, with a party on a weekend.  Anyhoo, we asked Brant what he wanted to do for his birthday this year, trying to get away from the enormous parties ( athough I totally love doing them, I think I could do it for a job).  So he said he wanted to go to the zoo with Natalie.  Of course, this is just the beginning of his birthday, which will stretch to his party on June 2nd this year (scheduling around Memorial Day!)

So today was the day, deciding to make it a family affair, Josh, Dana and Cade joined us.  It was a great day, full of sun and fun. 

First stop, the carousel...

Then on to the dinosaur exhibit.  The zoo has an exhibit through the woods, with huge, moving dinosaurs!
Riding a dino

The surprise was the dinosaurs that spit poison...they actually spray you with water!!  Brant waited and waited, watching for it to spray.  Then he turned his head and it did, surprising him!  
 There was a dino dig there too, a scoop of marl to sort through to see if there were any fossils.
Future dino hunters?

Cade enjoyed brushing the sand off the buried skeleton

Daddy and Brantley did too (you know something funny? the guy who was at the ticket counter , his name was Brantley!)

The zoo has great vehicles scattered throughout

 Off to explore the rest of the zoo

Henry was very relaxed
 Something we've always wanted to do was feed the giraffes at the new feeding platform.  It was well worth the ticket to do it, they were so close, and so beautiful!
Munching on Natalie's leaf

Chomp, eating Brant's!

Cade's turn!

and mine!

The ostrich wondered where his was

Then to the outpost on the African plains

to check out helicopter

of course, by this time we were in need of lunch to refuel...Dana tried out the jog stroller for a bit, while the kids checked out the elephants

After lunch and the long walk to North America, the kids were pooped and really just wanted to play.

The giant squash if fun to play on

and tunnels to hide in

and vines to swing from...

and walls to sit on and watch it all...

goofiness...they get along so well together!

By now, it was time to head home, as the big draw for North America are the polar bears, who aren't there. They are doing a huge construction of a new habitat, with a hospital too, so babies polar bears can be born there.  So Willie the Polar Bear has been living in Milwaukee, not to return for a year or so. 

Deciding to take the long way home for some delicious ice cream, we headed to Julian and Homeland Creamery.  Enjoying our ice cream at a table under the huge trees, looking out across the farm was the perfect end to the day.  

Hmmm, wonder what else this week holds??

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