Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hard work paying off!

 What a difference a month makes!  Little Brant has been working so hard on his baseball drills, and it's really starting to pay off! That and a new bat and glove!

We were at the sporting good store picking up some shirts, when I looked around and Little B was swinging bats.  Gasping (have you seen the price of some of those bats?!) I went over and checked things out.  Brant looked at me and said, "Mommy, this bat feels GOOD!"  Thinking how cute it was that he's getting opinions about things, we went on to find out what size glove he needs. Daddy had asked us to that, planning on coming back with Brant later to get it.  Trying on several, he found one that he really loved, punching it, trying it out with a ball.  

I called Daddy, telling him which glove Brant had picked out, and told him about the bat.  Daddy asked me to find Brant a certain sized bat, only to discover it was exactly the one Brant had picked out!  No wonder it felt "GOOD!"

Anyway, the coach noticed an improvement in Brant's swing and fielding.  And it carried on in the game this week!             

Brant has decided to try catching in a few games.  He seems to like it, but it makes Mommy nervous

This was Brant's great hit!  Right down the third baseline, he has 2 RBIs, and made it to 2nd base before the inning was over. 

Chilling in the dugout before the inning was over.
We are so proud of how hard Brant has been working, it's been a hard transition from soccer, as he's got a lot of success there, having played since age 3.  There's been some frustration, but he's seeing some success!

After the game we all relaxed for a bit in the back yard!  Brant was enjoying a Percy cookie, made my Mrs. Meredith, "the  cookie lady".  Her son John Merritt is also on Brant's tea, and they've become buddies!

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