Friday, May 4, 2012

May Day!

Today was one of the spring highlights of life at BDS, May Day!  Always the first Friday of the month (and a long awaited for half day!) it's a musical extravaganza, complete with May Pole, May Court and of course, a May King and Queen! 

Brant always seems to outgrow whatever dress clothes he has, shoes included, so it's a mad rush to get it all done. You'd think I'd know better, as it comes around each year!  But blue oxford procured, and blue Sperrys too, he was quite the spiffy kindergartener!  Of course, the tie had been loosened by the time the programmed rolled around!  Click here to see last year's post!

We were sitting in an odd location, on the end, in case we needed to slip out with Henry.  So, the photos are kinda blah.

The music is ALWAYS great!  

Brant and Natalie have become great friends this year, they are two peas in a pod.  Since it was a half day, we planned for Natalie to come home with us!  Boy were they excited!!
They had to get their sillies out before we could take a serious photo

And they did this one on their own!

Why do I see this happening when they are in the May Court???
We went out to lunch at La Cocina, and they kiddos kept us entertained!
(Why can't I remember to edit out red-eye before I upload these?)

Goodness, those are two cute kiddos!
Seeing as the weather now feels like, oh...say AUGUST! the kids got their suits on for a bit of water play in the back yard.  I sat a safe distance away and took photos and had a few minutes to read.  (Henry was napping with Daddy!)

Of course, they tired themselves out, and moved on to art projects.  Making books to be exact.

Such a fun afternoon!

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