Sunday, May 6, 2012

Henry's two months old today!

Happy two months sweet Henry!  You are growing so fast, sometimes it seems like you've grown after you've woken up or just eaten!  You are a sweet little boy, starting to coo and babble, and smiles and laughs are no longer brief surprises, but beautiful expressions on your sweet face.

You've been trying to hold your head up from the day you were born, and now you are getting really good at it.   You like to play on your playmat, but really don't like tummy time.  Since you hold your head up everytime we hold you, we don't worry about it that much.   When we hold you for too long, you squirm to be laid down to sleep.  The birdies on the player on your crib soothe you and you really enjoy looking at them.  When you are trying to fall asleep, you put your left hand to the back of your head to twiddle your hair.  We give you a paci right now, because you get so frustrated trying to suck your thumb.  But when we do, and you are settling to sleep, you put your right hand on your paci, like it's your thumb.

Your brother loves you so, he gives you kisses before he goes to school or leaves the house.  He loves to take you places, and takes really good care of you.  Brantley really likes sitting in the back seat with you, and playing in the car.

You have blessed our lives, and seeing you grow and develop is pure joy.  Happy two months George Henry Samuel!

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