Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A scrimmage and bathtime!

Sunday afternoon Brant's baseball team scrimmaged against another local Gibsonville team.  Brant did great, got a hit, and did some good fielding.  It finally felt like baseball weather though, hot!  Tonight is his first game, in Mebane, no less, and we are all looking forward to going to it!

The boys, hanging out at the field after the game

Of course, a few photos to round out the post...bathtime!
Henry loves to stick out his tongue!

Baby feet...sigh.

Eyes for his Daddy!  (ignore the Yuengling bottle in the background!)

"you're my best buddy, Daddy!"

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Meredith said...

Citizens arrest! Citizens arrest!
I'm busting you with a BUI (Bathing while Under the Influence!) Ha ha!