Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Brantley!

Happy Birthday sweet Brantley boy!  Wow, six years have just flown.  Thinking back to the day you were born, and the long day it was, the utter and complete joy of having you in our arms at the end of it still brings tears to my eyes.  Especially now, seeing how big you are, how independent, how sweet you are with your baby brother. You are growing so, learning so much. Your sense of humor surprises us and you are so fun to just hang out with.  God has blessed us with the most wonderful son! And now, you are a big brother too!

Your birthday started out early today, with a pancake breakfast before school.  We woke you up singing Happy Birthday, well, Mommy sang it, Daddy just laughed at Mommy.  Tuesday we went an picked the strawberries for your tradition, strawberry, pancakes and whipped cream (Daddy made REAL whipped cream!) Of course, you had a candle in them too!  You can't have too many candles for your birthday!

The flash was bothering his eyes, it was a bit early for photos

 You got to open one present before you went to school, so we chose one we knew you'd love to take with you, for show and tell!

A Lego Darth Vader watch!
 And of course, the photo by the flag!  Mommy is so glad she got this flag, especially now that you and your brother will be using it...not to mention the rest of the family!
The hydrangea bush behind Brantley was on our patio the day we brought  him home from the hospital.  It was from "The Village People" (The folks from The Village Grill)
 After you left for school, Mommy got busy.  Boy you had a lot of presents this year, we saved all the gifts sent to you to open on your actual birthday.  It was fun watching your eyes light up when you came home from school, a mini-Christmas morning

Mommy, Daddy and Henry came to school for lunch, bringing you lunch from "Choo Choo Restaurant" (Southbound Sandwich shop).  We also stopped and brought a treat for your class!

Brant's special birthday crown

Lunch with our boy
Lego city plates

Lego city napkin
Lego guy cookies!!

Laughing as his classmates finish singing to him

 And when you got home, it was present time!
Tearing into Grandma's gift

Henry loved the balloons, and bright colors of the wrapping paper

A light saber!

Grandma got a cookie too!

Playing the drum the Japan crew sent, along with a cool xylophone

But the big gift from Mommy and Daddy was a basketball goal!

A few lessons from Daddy

And he was off, he made several baskets today
 After dinner, an epic battle was waged...yes, Grandma bought two light sabers, you have to be able to battle!

And his new Darth Vader helmet just made it all the more fun
 Before baseball practice, Daddy and Brant got to work on the puzzle Henry gave Brant.

We ran to baseball practice, and boy, Brant, you have really, really worked hard at baseball!  You got a hit every time you were at bat and you were fielding like a champ!  We are so very, very proud of you, and of how you didn't give up when you didn't succeed the first times.

After practice was cut a bit short because of lightening, we got to eat the yummy strawberry shortcake Daddy made you.  You've always loved strawberry shortcake, as a matter of fact, it's been your birthday cake of choice since you were three!

Happy Birthday sweet boy! May all your wishes come true!
Tomorrow is another fun day, a field trip!  And you still have your party with your friends to go!

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