Saturday, May 26, 2012

Field Trip: Greensboro Natural Science Center

Thursday of Brantley's birthday week was an exciting day, although not birthday related.  It was field trip day!  Field trips come in two varieties at the Day School, parent drivers and bus trips.  Of course, the bus trips are the most exiting, and this was a bus trip! 

We all decided to go on this trip, as Henry is such an easy going kiddo.  So we headed off, meeting the bus there.  After that, it was a Brantley and Natalie led tour!

We started with the dinos....

Making a T-Rex rubbing

Natalie's finished product
 Around this time the zoo part was opening, so we headed out of the crowd and checked out the petting zoo
Brant thought they were very stinky

and enjoyed milking the cow, especially when he figured out he could squirt water out of the bucket!

Natalie liked the Alpaca

And we all thought the peacock was pretty.
 About this time, the kids headed in to watch an animal program, where they got to pet and see a variety of animals.   After lunch, we checked out the rest of the museum and the rest of the animals.

Henry was very alert, taking in all the activity

Craning his next to see what the kids are doing.

So, I do this every time.  I take tons of photos of animals and places without people.  Big Brantley says I worry too much about photos and don't enjoy the place I'm in.  But, I do enjoy photos. So here are some I snapped. 

Mr. Tom Turkey
A good shot of the hangy downy thingy...a waddle?

The alpaca was quite sociable.  But watch those teeth! You need braces buddy!

The wandering peacock Brant and Natalie wouldn't walk by

I love this shot!

The wallabees

And the tortoise

A face only his mother could love!
The kids had a blast playing in the dancing fountains, while the parents and teachers rocked on the porch surrounding it.  A great day was had by all!!

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