Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A busy weekend

 This past weekend was one of those weekend that it seems everything collides into two jam-packed days.

Saturday started off early with a jaunt to our local train station, Company Shops Station.  It was National Train Day, and they always have quite the day planned, with the local library doing train story time, songs and other activities.  Of course the highlights are the trains coming in, and the real front of two trains in the station.  A great layout show what was once the Company Shops that was a landmark in our town.

Of course, there are a lot of volunteers with cool giveaways (train whistles, stickers, etc!)  and's always fun when cake is around!
Brant with Henry at his first National Train Day

My handsome boys
 We sped out of the station to head to Lowe's for Build and Grow! The Brantleys worked on a Mother's day picture frame planter for me!

As anyone who knows us, holidays often get shuffled to other days, because of the restaurant schedule.  So Mother's Day was pretty quiet, spending the day with my boys and mom.  We had baseball practice that afternoon, and around 5, Daddy FINALLY got home.   He had asked me if I wanted meatloaf, my favorite dinner, and I said that it would be too much to do after he had worked all day.  We decided on burgers, being faster, and we could eat out on the patio.  

Little did we know that the bottom was going to absolutely fall out while he was grilling them.   Brant got drenched.  When he came back in, he said we should have had meatloaf! :-)

I've also been busy organizing our house, as things have gotten a bit out of hand in the last year (hmmm...wonder why?)  Here are some of my projects, reusing things we already have.

Repurposing my printers drawer for Lego guy storage and Playmobil storage

These picture frames were in Brantley's nursery, with  Peter Rabbit prints.  Spray painted, with magnets, they now hold his artwork on the fridge.  I did a bulletin board for the side too. 
A great weekend, spending time with the family, messing around the house.  We are happy as bugs in a rug.

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