Thursday, May 10, 2012

Henry's unofficial first haircut

Yes.  Henry has had his first haircut, actually just a trim-up around his ears.  The boy was shaggy.  It was so long that we had to tuck it behind his ears!

So today, after Grandma's hair appointment, I brought Henry to Melissa.  Melissa gave Brant his first haircut too (and subsequent ones until he started to request going to the boy haircut place with Daddy!). 

Grandma was the photographer, and I was not camera ready, having decided to do this on the spur of the moment and flew out of the house.  But pay attention to Henry's cuteness only.  The whole salon did.  He was the star.  Especially when he didn't make a peep!

Getting the Toy Story cape on

Henry, shaggy but precious

Using the clippers

Hold still little one!

Look!  There's an ear under tere!

Pretty Ms. Melissa

Other side...he was licking my hand apparently!

Hey Grandma! Rescue me!

Getting rid of the soon to be mullet!

Handsome little boy

All done


There's our little clean cut boy!

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cindymartin said...

That is just too precious!!! looked pretty darned camera ready to me!