Saturday, May 19, 2012

Photos I forgot were on the camera, and a surprise one!

You rarely find our camera put away, most of the time, it's within easy reach, or in the diaper bag.  Brantley has a look of "oh no, Mom has the camera again" when I try to take one, Big B, tolerates it.  Thankfully Henry doesn't know better yet!

So yesterday I snapped these two photos on our bed...

Wearing one of the cute overalls outfits that was his brothers

So when you leave the camera laying around, occasionally someone other than yourself picks it up.  And then, the thing that you avoid, being in FRONT of the camera occurs.

I knew Daddy took this one

But didn't know about this one...

or this, but I kind of like them, Henry was so snuggly just then
 And then, going through the photos of the camera that gets left out I found this one...let me guess which one organized this photo!!
he he, you can see the hangy-down thingy in Brant's throat!

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