Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brantley writes a story!

In Brantley's kindergarten class, they've been working hard on sight words and reading.  Of course, the tried and true method of phonics is used as well.  Brantley gets a book to read every night, with written homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well.  It took us a bit of adjusting to get used to this, but now, we are on a roll.  His five new sight words every week go on a ring and he's now got quite the ring full of words he knows.  He flies through them every night! 

So the other day, January 24th to be exact, if you look closely where Brantley wrote it on his paper, Brantley showed up at my classroom door, with his journal in hand.  

"My teacher said I should come show you this!" he said.  So I took a look, and was amazed!  He did this all on his own, sounding out the words he didn't know.  According to Mrs. Richardson, his teacher, all he asked was what makes the "dr" sound. 

The first page,  the date across the top.  Can you guess what the picture is?

His story..  I cut off the end, it said

Can you read it?  This is a boat. the driver of this boat loves to sing the ABCs.   He sounded it all out!!
What proud parents we are!  I can't believe how much he is learning.  It confirms our decision to have him at BDS!!

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