Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brantley: Baby product tester!

Ever since we've had a few baby showers and started to get out baby stuff, Brantley has been very interested in all of it.  His "Baby Boy" Cabbage Patch doll has tried out a lot of the stuff, even getting a new diaper and onesie!  We'll come in the living room and Percy the Polar Bear is gently swinging in the swing, napping.  It's been fun watching him explore all the "stuff."  

One of the things we've done, since we've really not had to buy much (thank goodness for the second boy!), is upgrade the items we know we'll use a lot.  We upgraded the carseat/stroller combo (love our new Chicco), and also the baby backpack.  We had one with Brant, that went to Japan with us, along with lots of other places.  But I couldn't tell you where it got to, belonging to Jeremy and Carla, it got passed to other babies in the family.  Catching a great sale at REI, Brantley got us a great Kelty pack, so we are set for our hikes and trips this summer (can be used when Henry can hold up his head).    Brantley, of course, immediately had to try it out!!

Brant loaded about as many of his animals and Baby Boy into the pack

And he's ready to go...only dinner prevented a  trial hike down to Grandma's house

Yep, passed inspection!
Based off of my last doctor's appointment, Baby Henry will be making his arrival next Friday.  I'll go in Thursday night around 8, and they'll start inducing Friday morning sometime.  I was really hoping I might go into labor ( and I guess I still could), and not be induced this time, but with my thyroid (it's completely stable and has been all the pregnancy) they won't let me go past 40 weeks.  The only way we got Friday, instead of Thursday is because we didn't like the OB on call!  As the doctor said, "There are many advantages to inducing!"  Of course, I have another appointment on Monday and who knows!?  We are all ready to move on and welcome another sweet boy to our family!

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Hannah Barnhorn said...

Rob and I have a Kelty and we love it for hikes. For around the house when Hannabert was little I used the Moby wrap.