Thursday, February 23, 2012

A visit from George Washington

Yesterday, Brant announced to us that George Washington was our first President and President "Ovama" is our President now.  We deduced that Presidents are being discussed in kindergarten!

As I was leaving Brant's class today, after teaching Spanish, his assistant whispered to me that they were going to have a very special visitor today.  Intrigued, I questioned "Who?"  She whispered, "George Washington!"  Slipping down at the beginning of lunch, I was able to see and hear a bit.  One of Brant's classmates' grandfather is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, and does a lot of re-enactments and such.  Today, he brought his story and character to BDS.

Entertaining questions about his sword

Explaining how the flag came to be.  I didn't realize the white stripes were inserted  to show division from England...too bad I couldn't stay the whole time!  I might have learned more.  But no worries, Brant will fill me in this afternoon, he's a sponge!

Showing a picture of George Washington when he was President. 

The kids were enthralled, mainly, because he wore a sword!  But it was fun to hear their take on exactly who George Washington was, why he chopped down that cherry tree and what exactly a President is!

As I left, President Washington was getting ready to read a book to the kids.  What a fun way to learn about Presidents! 

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