Thursday, February 9, 2012


What a difference a week makes, in renovation time that is.  Things have been going smoothly, although more slowly than we would like, as most big projects tend to do.

But when we came home from school today, this is what we saw.

Yep, all the areas to be tiled had tile on them!  Brantley had just wiped down the wall, which is why it looks very shiny.

Removing the zillions of spacers they had to use

Still doing it! 
There was a sound track that accompanied these photos, it went something like this. 

Katy:  "Brantley, turn around and take a picture. Aren't you proud of your work?"
Brantley: "I don't want a picture, take a picture of the work."
Katy: "But you have to, just one. Smile, for me, please?"
Brantley; "Why, you never want her to take your picture either!"
Little B: "Just do it Daddy!"  

I was laughing at the whole reversal of roles!  Either way, no smiles around, I got some photos.  Because even if Brantley doesn't want to take a photo with his work, I"m proud enough of his skills as a handyman and father to want to brag about it.  

The first wall was grouted tonight as well, hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  The new floor goes down, and after that, the sink, toilet, etc. And I get to pick out paint colors this weekend! 

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