Sunday, February 12, 2012

Double T Ranch and the Annual Valentine's Breakfast

It was just down-right cold this weekend, and we stayed in a lot.  Since staying at Grandma's for a while, it seems that every time Brantley goes to our house, some of his toys migrate back to her house.  This time, it was the enormous barrel that Santa brought, along with his previous stash.  

Brant started building while I was laying down for a few minutes.  A bit later he joined me, but to my surprise, when I came into the living room, he had completed the whole thing, except for the little red roofed building, and the green and red roofed building.  He followed all the directions perfectly!  The only issue was the dog.
We had to document this before destruction

An areal view before the fire truck drove through.
 We discovered this weekend that Brady has a thing for Lincoln Logs.  I don't know if it's the smell, or just the wood, but he sneak attacks.  We were building in the floor, and Brady would come up, all lovey, trying to get close to us. He'd flop in our laps, or right near, and start rolling around.  The next thing we knew, he had the smallest ones in his mouth!  He did it 5 or 6 times before getting kenneled, and only destroyed two.  But good grief, what a nutty dog!

We started the tradition of the annual Valentine's breakfast when Brantley got old enough to care about it, and the fact that we liked to celebrate it as a family.  Let's face it.  I will never have a date on Valentine's day.  Never had one dating, won't happen married.  Simply because, SOMEONE has to work at the slammed restaurants that everyone else is eating at!!  But no matter, we solved the problem.

Whatever weekend day is closest to the holiday, we have our own celebration. I usually go all out and have fun with decorations, but this year was a little subdued.  Waddling doesn't lend itself to decorating, and we were at Mom's house.  I didn't have my tub of decorations either!  But it was fun, and as I always do it the night before, a surprise when Brantley wakes up.  This year, he added to the fun by making some hearts of his own, and making us place cards.

We almost always have pancakes, with strawberries, sausage and sometimes eggs.  Today was no different, except, we were at Grandma's.  She told us, before leaving to go out of town, that there was pancake mix in the cabinet.  Pulling it out, Big B says, "Oh..."  Wondering what the issue was, I looked.  Grandma likes organic.  Not an issue, we do too, when we can afford it.  But Grandma bought gluten free mix.  Hmmm.  We gave it a shot.  Not the best, but not bad.  But definitely not up to the usual.  Pancakes out of rice flour just don't taste right. Not to mention, they were heavy!  But, celebrate we did, and as always, we have fun!

Happy Valentine's Day from the O'Days, albeit, a little early!

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