Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Day! The first snow of the 2011-2012 winter

If you recall, Brantley got a new sled from Santa this year.  Daddy and I were pretty sure we'd get at least one snow, but we'd seemed to have jinxed it.  It's been a really nice winter, warmer than usual, some days in the 60s and higher. As a matter of fact, Saturday was one of those days. We had the windows open, and Brant and I were wearing flip flops with our jeans.  So it was pretty unbelievable to start seeing snow predictions for Sunday and Sunday night. 

But snow it did, and it was beautiful.  We were all excited for Brant, who couldn't wait to get out in it!

If you look carefully, there is snow falling.

So excited to see the snow!

It really started to get cold (well, to us, since we've been used to the 60s, 30s felt freezing), and after running around a bit in the falling snow, a hot bath and hot chocolate were in order.  We all gladly watched the snow fall from the living room, and even Brant was satisfied to be warm and toasty, watching Star Wars.  Heading to bed, the snow was still falling and plans were made to go sledding first thing in the morning, after my doctor's appointment at 8:30.  

By 9:15 when we were leaving the doctor, it had started to melt at an alarming rate!! At least for ones will sledding plans.  So calling Grandma, we asked her to get him bundled up and ready to go.  Little did we know that he was already out, with Amy and Austin, our sweet next door neighbors!
Brant and Amy with their snowman.  You can tell how warm it'd gotten, Brand only had on his sweatshirt!

Getting ready to throw a snowball at me!

Luck of the Irish to get a little snow for a happy little boy

We only got a good inch or inch and a half, but it sure does make it look pretty
I took a quick spin down to the park to check out the hill there, to see if there was still enough snow for a few slides.  There was, so we all headed down!

The new sled proved to be very fun, and Mommy REALLY hated sitting this year out!  



It didn't take long for Brant to start another snowball fight with his Daddy!  Watch out little B, Daddy's got one heck of a pitcher's stance there!

Brant enjoyed munching on snow too

Sam and Amy took a few slides

Got 'em!
Before long, even the kids got cold from rolling in the snow.  We headed in, dried off and headed out to the grocery store.  We like this kind of snow, already out of school, the roads clear, and being able to enjoy the snow as a family!

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Jennifer said...

Really wish I could have had a snow day too! I hate I missed all the fun!