Sunday, February 26, 2012

Searching for signs of spring

Daddy had to work this morning, which makes 3:00 seem like forever away.  Little B woke up with Daddy, and about every five minutes after he left, I heard "MOM!"   I guess my mistake was trying to go back to bed for a bit, but hey, I had to try.

Little B decided to make me my coffee this morning (with a Keurig) and my bagel.  I was NOT allowed to help, and it was deliciously done.  A bit of playtime in his room (we set up a classroom for his stuffed animals) Little B had the brilliant idea of going on a walk with the dog.  Seriously, we both needed to get out and get some fresh air, being a sunny, but brisk day, it was quite refreshing.   We decided we'd try and search for signs of spring on our walk through the trails at the park.  Bringing the camera to document our scavenger hunt, this is what we found.
The daffodils in our side yard.
(Not to mention, I killed a mosquito in the house the other day!  In February!)
 The first stop was the playground, and what a better sign of spring, than a happy little boy running in the sun!

Yikers!  Notice the bubble necklace he got from the Treasure Box in his classroom.  We had fun chasing bubbles around the park too!

Brady and I relaxed in the sun too

A bubble popped in his face!

Checking out his favorite rocks

The trail hike didn't show much sign of spring, at least nothing photo worthy.  We checked for the raccoon prints along the creek and found them, then took a jaunt up to the soccer fields.  Not too many signs of spring on the trees yet, but it's coming!  Especially since we've never had winter!

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