Saturday, February 25, 2012

First soccer practice of the Spring 2012 season

It's soccer time! Which means spring is just around the corner!  This season, Coach Katy has been sidelined for a bit, you do need to be able to see your feet and not waddle to coach the kiddos.  Once again, Big Brantley has stepped in and took to the field, even though soccer is not his sport.  Helping Coach Shaun with keeping the kids running the drills, chasing down stray balls and helping in all ways he can.  I however, have taken to the sidelines in a camp chair.  The funny thing is how many of the parents didn't realize I was pregnant...surprise!

Brant has been so excited about soccer starting, the most excited we've seen him so far.  We love that he's enthusiastic about sports, and are trying to let him try as many as he wants.  Thankfully we have a great Parks and Rec in town, where the focus is building teamwork and sportsmanship at the young ages.  

Here are few pics from the chilly first practice this week, games will be starting soon!

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