Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LOOK what we came home to!!!

Oh my goodness!  I knew Brantley had been busy on his day off, but look what he got done!  

The sink and vanity, and toilet of course!

The lights and mirror that will be over the sink, must be hung

The cool vanity from IKEA.  Don't you love the shape of the sink?  And I love that it's floating, so a mop can go right under it!

Brant took this from the tub, looking out.  Still trim work to be done, but the big pieces are in

Brant's awesome tiling job

We won't be able to do much about the overall size, but we've maximized it as much as we could.   
Inside the vanity, I can't wait to organize these drawers!
 But here's the real sign of a wonderful, loving husband and father.  After doing all that work, on his day off, tearing up his hands tiling, aching back, and knees, he cooked dinner for us!  I have to catch a photo unawares, he's so modest.  But goodness, what a great man!
And just like his handiwork, his food is awesome too!

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