Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brantley's Valentine's 2012

After the construction of the Monster Valentine box, we needed to accomplish the 21, well, actually we made one for him too, class Valentine's.  We searched and searched for our idea this year, as the Family Fun issue this February didn't suit Brant.  We finally came up with a plan.  See if you can figure it out by the end! 

The supplies (note, red, blue, yellow and green hearts...Brant thinks pink and purple are "hateful" colors!)
Yes, those are glow bracelets

Brantley took this photo.  It was a lesson on symmetry as well.  And, when he traced the ones not on the fold, he learned what happened.  We also made cute mice out of them!

Working hard cutting out the hearts.  Yes, he's sitting in a high chair, it was the one my Dad used when he was a little kid.  It's the perfect height for projects, and solid wood, so no worries!

Whew, signing your name that many times is hard!  But he traced and cut out all 22 hearts, and signed his name. I can't believe how his attention span has grown!

The finished Valentine!  Cute, hunh?  I love the fact he did it all (except the little red hearts and where I wrote.) 
So much fun to do a craft with Brant! He's very creative, and I love seeing his mind take off with a plan!  We did make teacher Valentine's too, but I'll save those until after Tuesday.  Don't want to ruin the surprise, as a few of them read the blog!

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