Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting ready for Henry

We've just had a nice long Winter Break, and tried to get some things done.  One of the major things to complete, was of course, getting back home.  But in between we squeezed in some baby preparations. Before we left Grandma's we had a little painting to do. We each had a letter to paint and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Grandma needs to join in more of our craft projects!

Little B requested the H, as that is what we will call the baby, and isn't quite on board with the fact that we are calling him by his middle name!  He keeps trying to rearrange the monogram with the H first!  (for those who don't know, it will be George Henry Samuel O'Day, named after grandfathers and great-grandfathers on 3 sides.  Brantley, of course, took care of the fourth side).

Brant also picked out a smaller H to paint, to use on something else, to be determined .  He painted a B for himself a long time ago in the same style and baby brother had to have one too.

Mom and I had forgotten how relaxing painting was.  Besides, it was fun to have the project to do, knowing it was for the baby.

Of course, getting home and getting some things together for Henry was high on the priority list.  The boys put the crib together (this photo really doesn't show how cozy it is).

And then we started pulling things out of the attic, to wash and get ready.  Brant was thrilled, especially since a lot of it was his.  And of course, his cabbage patch doll, "Baby Boy" was able to try it all out.

Baby boy was tucked into the swing, with Brant's Percy bear and a few other snuggle  items.  Of course, this was while watching Star Wars.  Brant sat on the chair he brought in, so he could swing the baby.

Later it was Baby Boy's nap time, in Brant's old jammies, of course!

Our baby nook.  We have a small, cozy home, that we've used our space as well as we can.  Once again, a little rearranging and help from IKEA and we have managed to keep Brant's room, Brant's room.  An addition is in the future, but for now, we are cozy and cuddly!

The letters were dry, and ready for the next part of the project.  My handy helper was ready to cut!

The frames

The finished project (baby blue and brown, don't know why the color is off).  Brant helped me glue  the fabric and letters.  These will eventually go over the crib. 

So, things are getting in place around here, just waiting for Henry to make his arrival.  Things are progressing along that front as well, with the doctor quite surprised in the difference a week can make.   We shall see, he will make an appearance on March 8th, if not before.  It's getting close!

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