Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brant's valentine box 2012

I love Valentine's Day.  Not the commerical side, with all the push to say I Love You when you don't do it on a daily basis and such.  But the crafts!  And the fun of making things out of hearts!  I've blogged about this love of Valentine's Day in the past, and this is just the first of this season.  Usually, I don't post any sneak peeks of Brant's Valentine box or his Valentine's, but I'm scared, that with the craziness around our house this year, I'll forget it!  So, here it is!! 

(By the way, Brantley informed me that pink and purple are "hateful" colors!

What could it be?

Little hands, helping and becoming part of the box!

And yes, those are Brant's feet too!  Any ideas what it is yet?

Assembling the pieces with hot glue...
Brant's monster Valentine box!

And a little Monster face to go along with his new buddy...
We had a blast making this together.  The shopping for the supplies was fun too, watching him pick out colors and make decisions.  We got the blue glitter wrapping paper, which while very monstery and fun, has left a trail around Grandma's house!  

Next up for this week, making Valentine's!

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